Fabrics & Materials

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We are always putting on a scale what is the carbon print of each material we are using, and what would be the options. There is no perfect material with zero environmental impact, that being said we like to inform our customers why we choose each of the fabrics in the hang tags that go along with each piece and you can read a little more below.

Materials have different relative impacts across different environmental metrics. This ultimately leads to trade-offs ( ourworldindata.org).

It is not always easy to track down our materials and as a small company we depend on the move of big ones to follow behind the paths they open. That is why companies as Stella McCartney are so important for this conversation, they have the power and resources to invest in research, test new materials, track down the good sources, and then share that precious information as they generously do.

With creativity and intentions on the right place we can do anything. In the past the luxury industry didn’t want anything to do with sustainable because they thought that would compromise quality, this is not the case anymore, we have high quality + sustainable products already in the market.

Reinforcing that information is power, we that take our time to research and get informed have the mission to spread and share what we learn. 

Recycled Polyester Chiffon

We choose polyester chiffon instead of silk chiffon in some of our pieces for the following reasons:

  • Pleats don’t hold in pure silk, they would come apart with body heat or humidity

  • It is a practical fabric, you can wash and dry at home, no dry cleaner necessary, no ironing either, which means a bit more environment friendly. We also thought about the busy woman that travels all the time and needs easy solutions to be elegant at all times.

  • It costs less

  • It is recycled, meaning the fibers that make this fabric come from recycled PET bottles


Italian Satin

We use this fabric in many of our cocktails dresses, it is a high quality material that holds well structure and shape, making the final garment a well tailored piece.

That being said, any polyester fabrics we offer are of good quality, their design and durability meaning that the environmental cost-per-wear is kept as low as possible.

These cocktail dresses will look good for a very long time, these are those classic pieces that will have many owners if you pass along through donation or second hand stores.

Stretch Gabardine

Made of polyester and spandex, we use this fabric in some of our tailored pieces.

It is a high quality fabric that we choose to have a garment that will last, will be practical, and environmental friendly to wash and dry at home with no harsh dry cleaning chemicals.

Sustainable Modal

We use LENZING™Modal on our tees, it is amazingly soft and has a sustainable cycle. It comes from a very transparent and respectable company.

Derived from nature, all LENZING™ standard Lyocell and Modal fiber types have been certified as compostable and biodegradable under industrial, home, soil and marine conditions, thus they can fully revert back to nature.

Ethical Wool

We have many beautiful jackets and coats in pure wool.

Wool is renewable, sustainable and biodegradable, it is naturally resistant to bacteria, and it is a natural insulator.

We know that most of the mills hurts the animals when shredding it (we hope this changes). So we search for partners that care about the well being of all beings involved in the production like we do. We have used wool made with fibers from Newmoor Barn, in the UK.

They say:

“All our goats live a full and happy life, with freedom to roam on pasture and in woodland. Making our mohair 100% vegetarian

All of our wool for felting, spinning and fibre art are sourced from local farms. We do not supply fleece from animals we have not seen so we can ensure all our fleeces come from animals which are raised to the highest ethical standards.”

Zippers made in Los Angeles

We are proud to source with a local ethical business as Ucan Zippers. They are based in LA, we can walk and see the production and the team involved in the making of unique high quality zippers.