our philosophy

Dress in Italian Satin

Dress in Italian Satin

Fabrics & Trims

We are always putting on a scale what is the carbon print of each material we are using, and what would be the options. There is no perfect material with zero environmental impact, that being said we like to inform our customers why we choose each of the fabrics in the hang tags that go along with each piece.

Our dress being made by our contractor in Downtown LA

Our dress being made by our contractor in Downtown LA

Local Contractors

When we were based in Brazil we worked with contractors based there, together, being present during all stages.

Now that we are based of Los Angeles we work with contractors here, where we can participate and assure that everyone involved is being paid fairly and working in ethical conditions. Our contractors are selected as part of our team, we see and feel the importance of having satisfied human beings involved in the making of our products. It is a cycle, you feel good, you do good for other people and the planet.

Donation “Campanha do Agasalho” • São Paulo, Brazil

Donation “Campanha do Agasalho” • São Paulo, Brazil

Excess Donations

It is a huge concern what to do with excess inventory of everything involved on our production cycle. Our policy is to minimize inventory as much as possible.

Along the way we’ve done many donations and auctions to institutions aligned with our values.

We recently donated excess inventory of fabric to The FIDM Scholarship Foundation, we also did an auction for the Radnor Educational Foundation, in Pennsylvania, another for Campanha do Agasalho, in Brazil, among many others along the way. It is a good feeling to know we are helping another person, even small gestures give those in need hope and strength to make a change in their destiny.

We are SLOW Fashion

  • We promote quality over quantity

    So you buy less and buy better, thinking that everything we buy will have an end, and what is this end?

  • We produce locally

    For us it is important to give back to the community that helps us build the company.

  • We prefer local suppliers when available

    It is amazing to work close together with our suppliers, know the face of the people that made it, the stories behind it. 

  • We re-use, reduce and recycle everything we can.

  • ALL packaging and office supplies are either Recycled or from FSC certified paper.